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Pulimamidi School Programs - Prizes, Scholarships, Gifts - plates & glasses for all students for afternoon meal, Tree Plantation on August 31st, 2009 to commomerate the 19th death Anniversary for Sri. Kothapally Ramchandra Reddy.

Organised by Sri Kothapally Krishna Reddy in memory of his grand parents.

Dr. Marri Channa Reddy
Smt. Marri Savitri Devi
Sri Kothapally Ramchandra Reddy
(under the auspises of C.S.R. Memorial Foundation)

Tree Plantation
Selection & Prize distribution - Carroms, Drawing, Skipping, Singing, etc.
Distribution of 415 good quality stainless steel plates & glasses for all kids
Announced scholarships for the Kids (Tenth class toppers – Boys & Girls).


Tree Plantation

Computer Lab

School Computer Lab Review

Class in progress

CSR Panel on stage

Principal thanks CSR and talks to students

Sri Krishna Reddy talks with students; being great

Sri Krishna Reddy talks with students; being great

Sri Krishna Reddy talks with students; being great

Some Drawings

Some Drawings

Some Drawings

Some Drawings

Drawing Competition Prize winner

Mr Sudarshan Reddy giving prizes

Dr Narasimha Reddy giving prizes

Mr Madhusudhan Reddy giving prizes

Mr Krishna Reddy giving prizes

Mr Pandu Ranga Reddy giving prizes

Mr Malla Reddy giving prizes

Mrs Nirvana Reddy giving prizes

Mrs Vasudha Devi giving prizes

Mrs Suguna Devi giving prizes

Students with plates glasses; 415 sets of good quality were distributed

Scholarships Announced

Sri Krishna Reddy sitting with students

Youth support team

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